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A380 Highlift Test Rig

A380 Highlift Test Rig


Airbus Deutschland, Bremen


The High Lift Slat Flap Test Rig (HLSTR) is a test environment for the High Lift System (landing flap and slat system) of the A380.

Due to its aircraft weight with regard to the span the A380 compulsory requires the High Lift System in order to take off or land. Whereas the slat and flap system improved the take off and landing features of former models, it now has become a necessary and security-related system. Therefore requirements for operational reliability have increased enormously.

The test environment simulates certain flight and emergency situations in order to test the behavior of the High Lift System under simulated conditions.

Tasks of IgH:

  • Control System
  • Software Design with MATLAB/Simulink®, dSPACE
  • Continuous Data Acquisition
  • Staff Training


  • Analog: 186 Inputs, 122 Outputs
  • Digital: 210 Inputs, 111 Outputs
  • dSPACE Real Time Platform
  • Force Control of 22 Hydraulic Axes
  • Pressure Control of 10 Hydraulic Panels
  • Various Auxiliary Functions

For further information, please contact: Richard Hacker

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