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IgH is, as a an engineering service provider, also engaged in classical mechanical engineering. Our employees have a well-founded technical education, either a professional training as a mechatronic engineer or a university education in Mechanical Engineering.

As a development partner we transform proposals into constructions and prototypes, which are tested in our laboratory environment. As a construction office we manufacture 3D models, create production documents and carry out FEM investigations. As a supplier for test rigs we implement requirements of our clients. We create test rig concepts and realize them.

While shaping the components their function is designed, by which the resulting solution obtains a kind of technical aesthetic. A good technical solution is also a nice one.

It is not our aim to produce as many purchased parts as possible and run a kind of modular construction but we want to find and implement the best solution under the existing technical, ecological and operating conditions.

To reach this aim, we are oriented towards an appropriate procedure. First of all the task is questioned as long as the requirements are understood completely. Secondly we search for methods of resolution on the basis of fundamental physical laws. These approaches are aligned with the boundary conditions or the boundary conditions are questioned once again. The methods of resolution bring about a concept, which is examined for its feasibility according to measures of engineering science. In this process the concept transforms into a draft, if no insurmountable obstacles appear in the performed calculations and simulations. This design is developed into a construction, which forms the basis for further use.

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Load simulation for a hydraulic brake.
The simulation set-up comprises an electric drive, a gyrating mass, serving as an energy storage device, a gearbox and the test item.