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Execution of Tests

The multifunctional production hall of IgH is also used for test and laboratory setups in order to carry out pre-tests for our projects as well as analyses on behalf of the client. Among others the following test equipment is available:
  • central unit for tests in hydraulic components
  • high pressure unit for test pressures up to more than 1000 bar as well as the complying sensors
  • several special units for tests with alternative pressure fluids as, for example, water, mineral oil, brake fluid and Skydrol®
  • a machine base allows the installation of heavy hydraulic equipment
  • a lifting platform for equipping and retrofitting test vehicles
  • sensors for e.g. temperature, pressure, power, position, rotation angle, torque, elongation and electrical measured values
  • calibration standards for pressure, power and temperature
  • climatic chamber with temperatures from -80 degree C to 1000 degree C
  • measuring data acquisition with a sampling rate of up to 100 kHz
Due to the good equipment and a flexible measuring data acquisition IgH can also realize challenging breadboard construction in a short time and respond to relevant questions quickly.

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